Dust collector

We are ready to provide High efficient, Energy -saving and Environmental -friendly Dust collectors.

Exhaust gas is collected efficiently by making effective use of both the burner and the lance oxygen used at the melting stage. NIKKO's dust collectors were created based on many years of experience and a long track record. They have highly reliable cooling ducts and gas coolers featuring a special design that will be also contributed to the reduction of dioxin concentration.



This equipment adopts a system that collects a dust with a dry bag filter and removes the dust from the filter by reverse washing. It is possible to design a direct extraction dust collector / building dust collector / combine type dust collector (direct extraction / building) according to the specifications of the dust collection gas and the installation space.

Building dust collector

Canopy hood and duct for dust collecting system

The building type canopy hood dust collector efficiently collects the instantaneous dust (smoke) generated during the charging of scrap into the electric furnace, which greatly contributes to the improvement of the factory environment. It is possible to design according to the amount of dust collection and the size of the building.

Trombone-type gas cooler

High efficient air cooled gas cooler

This trombone type gas cooler is designed specially for preventing dust accumulation. By adopting the "non-water cooling type" instead of the "water cooling type" which is usually used for cooling exhaust gas, the amount of cooling water is reduced and the gas cooling device is highly maintainable since it is designed specially for preventing dust accumulation.

Rotary duct for direct suction(Applied for the patent.)

Preventing dust accumulation and keeping high dust collection efficiency

Exhaust gas can be sucked in smoothly without no requirement of maintenance work by rotating the duct at the downstream of the furnace elbow. Since dust cleaning is not necessary, dangerous work in the duct can be avoided. This greatly contributes to keeping safety and improving productivity.


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