Auxiliary Equipment for Electric Arc Furnace

NIKKO’s Electric Arc Furnace Auxiliary Equipment for High Efficiency and Energy and Power Saving.


NIKKO Electric Arc Furnace's auxiliary equipment realize higher performance with simple design.
Steel making equipment has still some more room to improve working environment and efficiency.
NIKKO pursues the innovation of EAF auxiliary equipment and components with higher technologies to meet working conditions.

Automated electrode connector (Joint Ace)

Safe and quick electrode connection by remote control

One person can connect the electrodes within two minutes by remote control. Electrodes can be connected securely with prescribed torque. It is possible to correspond for LF.

Water-cooled furnace roof and 4th hole elbow

Light weight and long life

The jacket type, pipe type, and energy-saving type can be designed. The lightweight design enables easy attachment and detachment.

Aluminum conducting arm

Improving arc input power by minimizing three phases impedance unbalance

This structure has a simple design to give top priority to maintainability. The arm is made of aluminum alloy to reduce the weight and improve the electrode responsiveness in ascent and descent, contributing to the improvement of the steel making unit consumption.

Water-cooled copper panel (NECT)

Great reduction of refractory unit consumption

Steel and pipe materials are employed for the upper part of the furnace wall and the lower slag line is made of pure copper. Near the slag line, Super NECT (made of pure copper forged) is employed to realize long life.

Jet burners(JB)

NIKKO is the pioneer of Oxy-Fuel Burner System for EAF.

Various type of burners are available to meet EAF operation such as FA burner, EBT burner and Slag door burner. NIKKO's Hybrid Burner is achieving good performance for scrap melting and cutting, heating up of molten steel by the effect of slag forming. Possible to select the fuel such as liquid fuel (Kerosine) or gas (LNG)


Blow epoch-making oxygen letting effectively utilize the combustion efficiency in the furnace to the maximum; a panel

Achieving active chemical reaction (C + O2) in the furnace by blowing oxygen through the hole of slagline copperpanel. Possible to make uniform melting scrap.


The panel which is made by pure copper, forging, and resist the high heat load

To put near slag line area instead of refractory. Withstanding wild heat attack Long life.


To achieve uniform melting by stirring molten steel

To make “active agitation of molten steel” in the furnace. Possible to make uniform scrap melting.


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