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NIKKO has achieved excellent results for over 50 years and are "The pioneer in electric arc furnace steel making technology" With the spirit.

NIKKO offers the most suitable electric arc furnace facilities while meeting the request of the customer and provide comprehensive service from consulting to design and fabrication, installation, commissioning and operation for achieving high efficiency.
In addition, we also support improving productivity and energy saving from the furnace, having implemented various revamping including labour-saving projects.

Products Information

Electric Arc Furnace


Nikko achieved an optimal combination of furnace diameter, electrode PCD, and transformer capability and strengthened the lifting and swing of the furnace roof, electrode lifting, and the tilting speed of the furnace body to promote efficient melting in Nikko's unique electric arc furnace.
Furthermore, the design of each part has been made as simple as possible to improve maintainability.

Auxiliary Equipment
for Electric Arc Furnace


Nikko's electric arc furnace auxiliary equipment achieves high performance via a simple design. While we have achieved a number of improvements in environmental conservation and work efficiency with our steel manufacturing equipment, there is still room for a number of other improvements. NIKKO will continue to reform our electric arc furnace auxiliary equipment and equipment for said furnaces using our exceptional technical prowess and a perspective rooted in the actual work sites.

Dust collector


Exhaust gas is collected efficiently by making effective use of both the burner and the lance oxygen used at the melting stage. NIKKO's dust collectors were created based on many years of experience and a long track record. They have highly reliable cooling ducts and gas coolers featuring a special design that will be also contributed to the reduction of dioxin concentration.

Plant Auxiliary Products


The human resources who work in the steel industry go a long way in underpinning steel making techniques.
NIKKO proposes manufacturing equipment that not only improves the performance of production equipment but which also gives consideration to the safety of the people working and their working environment in the steel industry.


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