Electric Arc Furnace

Innovating NIKKO's Electric Arc Furnace through Unique Technology.

NIKKO achieved an optimal combination of furnace diameter, electrode PCD, and transformer capacity and strengthened the lifting and swing of the furnace roof, electrode lifting, and the tilting speed of the furnace body to promote efficient melting in NIKKO's unique electric arc furnace. Furthermore, the design of each part has been made as simple as possible to improve maintainability. In addition, the furnace volume was made one size larger than that with conventional models to reduce the scrap charging time and scrap pressing work. The furnace is equipped with an aluminum conductor developed /designed by NIKKO which has the features long arcing by reducing the reactance of the secondary conductor on the furnace side.

Until an electric furnace is made


1 The steel manufacture factory foundation work

Briefly introducing the flow of Electric Arc Furnace construction work at Daehan Steel in Korea, 2007.
The beginning of work will be the foundation work of the steel melting shop.


2 Electric furnace setting place

Complete the foundation work of Electric Arc Furnace and start the construction work ...

製鋼工場 建屋建設中

3 The steel manufacture factory building is under construction

The melting shop building under construction.
The building is gradually completed.

電気炉 炉殻本体

4 The Electric Furnace body

The furnace body qualified the criteria will be installed.

アルミ導体アーム 設置前準備

5 Preparations before aluminum conductor arm setting

Careful assembly and inspection work before installing the aluminum conductor arm.


6 Water-cooled furnace roof and furnace top elbow

The water-cooled furnace roof and furnace top elbow are installing on the electric furnace swivel device.

電気炉 完成

7 The electric furnace is completed

Electric furnace installation work completed!


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